Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes

A.R.S. 44-6551       Definitions

A.R.S. 44-6552       Charitable organizations; registration; violation; classification

A.R.S. 44-6553       Exemptions

A.R.S. 44-6554       Contracted fund raisers; registration, re-registration, contract and disclosure requirements

A.R.S. 44-6555       Solicitation disclosure requirements; written confirmation

A.R.S. 44-6556       Public records

A.R.S. 44-6557       Fiscal records; inspection; retention

A.R.S. 44-6558       Exchange of information with other states

A.R.S. 44-6559       Rules

A.R.S. 44-6560       Substitute service on secretary of state

A.R.S. 44-6561       Unlawful acts or practices; violation; classification; civil penalty

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