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Getting the Most out of Board Meetings by Kimberly Witherspoon

When Board members gather, what are ostensibly shared interests and goals may in fact consist of different or divergent underlying priorities making it difficult to reach consensus.  Here is a short list of proven tools to overcome differences and successfully accomplish the goals that will further the interests of your Board The Board Chair ShouldContinue Reading

E-mail Responses to Unanimous Written Consents, Legal At Last!

Under this definition of an electronic signature, responding yes or no in response to a question regarding whether a measure is approved suffices as an electronic signature for purposes of a unanimous written consent. This change makes it much easier to obtain approval of resolutions particularly with regard to time sensitive matters.Continue Reading

Six Smart Moves Great Board Chairs Make

3. Think Big. Boards without great leadership can get bogged down in the minutia. The minutia include the compliance and oversight responsibilities of the board. While it’s important to do these things well, it’s not the organization’s raison d’être. Great board chairs help steer the board clear of this phenomenon by keeping the board focused on their vision of the impact the board wants to make on the community the organization serves. Great board chairs understand that focusing on the organization’s breakthrough goals rather than busywork keeps the board energized and engaged.Continue Reading