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Crucial Action Needed to Preserve the Charitable Deduction

We have urgent developments unfolding in Washington. Word tonight from Tim Delaney, head of the National Council of Nonprofits in Washington D.C., is that the Republicans may be willing to agree with a deal that would throw nonprofits under the bus. They may give up even more of the charitable tax deduction than we thought. They might even eliminate it for wealthy tax payers.Continue Reading

Van Dusen v. Commissioner: A Win for Nonprofit Volunteers

The Court reasoned that the most important consideration in determining deductibility of unreimbursed expenses is whether or not the volunteer work causes or necessitates the expense. If the expense is incurred solely in connection with one’s duties as a volunteer, such as buying food for a foster pet, the expense is deductible. If, however, the expense is one that would have been incurred regardless of one’s duties as a volunteer, such as repairs or insurance for a car that is used for personal transportation as well as transportation related to volunteer duties, the expense will be considered to have been incurred regardless of any volunteer service, thus it is not a deductible expense.Continue Reading