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How to Capture Those Elusive Grants – Part 3

Be a smart detective. Find out who is doing what. Find out why they’re funding what they’re funding. And then put yourself in that spotlight. Collaborative efforts are sometimes advisable and attractive to funders so consider whether collaboration can move your mission forward.Continue Reading

How to Capture Those Elusive Grants – Part 2

Realize that grant funding is a long haul. It takes time to build up rapport. Grantmakers will typically give you a small grant to get to know you. Some foundations have a policy to not fund any organization in the following funding cycle so that you may have to wait months or even two yearsContinue Reading

How to Capture Those Elusive Grants – Part 1

The trouble with obtaining grants from foundations is that you either have to be very well known, like a children’s hospital or a well-established school, or you have to have a very strong “in.” Most non profits, especially new ones, typically have neither. However, if your program is fulfilling a compelling need in a new and creative way, you may still attract those elusive grants. Continue Reading