Big Changes in Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credits by Alisa Chatinsky

Big Changes in Arizona’s Charitable Tax CreditsTax credit campaigns have been a major source of funding for Arizona nonprofits in recent years. They are popular with donors because they permit donors to direct a portion of their tax dollars to the organizations they care about most.

The State Legislature recently passed increases to the Arizona Tax Credits. For nonprofits, this means that in order to increase contributions to your organization, your tax credit marketing needs to be reevaluated and addressed now.

This year, tax credit allowances that individuals can take have increased 25%! The legislature also extended donation deadlines to April 15, 2017.

If an Arizona resident takes advantage of all tax credits in 2016, they would be contributing $1635 (single filing status) or $3270 (joint filing status). To truly cash in on this opportunity, nonprofits should actively promote tax credit giving now through a monthly giving campaign.

Let’s take an example of a two-parent working family with three children. Come December, mom and dad are thinking about holiday gift giving—in 2015 an average family added $881 to their regular monthly expenses. Will they be able to write tax credit donations totaling $3200 in addition to the $881 for Christmas?

If you were to begin a monthly giving program promoting your organization’s tax credit campaign now, taxpayers are able to make their gifts over the next eight months to your organization to take advantage of Arizona’s tax credits. Less stress for your donor AND increased revenue for your nonprofit.


Guest contributor Alisa Chatinsky has a spent the past 20 years helping non-profit achieve success. She uses a common-sense business approach, urging CEOs and directors to remove their social work hats, and replace them with their for-profit business hats.The NPO TCG creates customized plans—

  • Developing and training a campaign team
  • Creating print and electronic marketing materials and campaign messaging
  • Creating a highly effective case statement
  • Developing social media strategies
  • Specialized strategies to increase your tax credit dollars

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