Best of the Blog 2018

At the end of each year, we like to review our most popular posts to see what our readers are most interested in. What follows is a list of CharityLawyer's Top 10 posts from 2018 measured by page views:

  1. Nonprofit Jargon Buster: Directors vs. Trustees
  2. Creating Nonprofit Chapters and Affiliates
  3. Nonprofit Jargon Buster: Fiscal Sponsorship vs. Fiscal Agency
  4. Nonprofit Bylaws – What to Include and What to Leave Out
  5. Nonprofit Jargon Buster: Directors and Officers
  6. Nonprofit Jargon Buster: Voting Members vs. Self Perpetuating Boards
  7. Benefitting Individuals
  8. Good News for Nonprofits Moving to a New State
  9. Nonprofits Going Global
  10. What is an American Friends Of Organization

If you have comments or suggestions of topics you would like to see covered in the blog please sound off in the comments!

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