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How do I apply for 501(c)(3) status?

The non-profit entity has been formed, the board of directors is in place, and your bylaws have been written. You’re ready

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How do I write non-profit bylaws?

When setting up a non-profit organization, many people overlook the importance of crafting nonprofit bylaws that are customized to the

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4 Common mistakes when writing articles of incorporation

You’ve decided to incorporate – congratulations! This is a big step in any non-profit business venture. When you’re finished, your organization

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Nonprofit Embezzlement – What to Do When Lightning Strikes

A nonprofit embezzlement incident is emotionally devastating, causing nonprofit leaders to question their own judgment and management ability. It erodes

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Who owns a non-profit corporation? 4 Essential Clarifications

As you’re assembling your non-profit board of directors, your mind may naturally turn to who holds the power and actually

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How Do I Choose a Non-profit Board of Directors?

Once you’ve done your non-profit research and created a business plan, you know the what and why of your organization.

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