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Recommended Nonprofit Governance Policies

Nonprofits are increasingly subject to growing regulatory burdens and high expectations from donors, clients and the public. One way nonprofit

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Non-Profit Endowments Clarified

The establishment and maintenance of an endowment fund can be a very important factor in ensuring the sustainability of a

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Offer Letter vs. Employment Contract: Which Should Your Nonprofit Use?

Many nonprofits question whether they should use an offer letter or employment agreement for new employees. Understanding the general use

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The Roles of The Board and Executive Director in a Strong Non-Profit

The Board/CEO relationship can make or break the success of a non-profit organization. The Board of Directors is the collective

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Traits of an Exceptional Nonprofit Board Member By: Jeb Banner, CEO of Boardable

Board members are passionate, responsive, driven, and engaged. A nonprofit board member usually has a strong interest in the work

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Nonprofit Chapter Consolidation

We have written about how to form chapters and affiliates, but sometimes nonprofits ultimately decide they have created too many

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