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Online Fundraising

The need to register is triggered by active solicitation efforts such as sending out mailers or participating in commercial co-ventures. The charity does not need to actually receive a donation to trigger registration in many states.

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Boost Your Nonprofit’s Year End Giving

As the pandemic continues to dominate the daily dialogue, giving trends have kept apace with the rise in awareness surrounding public health issues. Likewise, racial justice and politics have taken their share of the stage and giving to both causes has increased from previous years. But can we expect giving to be reduced in other sectors as a result? Not necessarily, say survey respondents. Still, it’s helpful to examine your nonprofit’s mission vis-a-vis pandemic relief and other salient issues; strive to ensure that your messaging effectively ties in your mission to those issues that are top of mind for donors.

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Fundraising in the new normal
Fundraising Regulation

Fundraising in the New Normal

If your annual gala, donor breakfast, or poker night benefit is responsible for more than 30% of your annual operating costs, it may be time to overhaul your organization’s fundraising plan. COVID-19 has taught us many lessons, one of which is that the unexpected can and does happen. Limitations on in-person gatherings have shuttered many key fundraising events heavily relied on by nonprofits. In the aftermath, some are now struggling to keep their doors open.

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Four Keys to a Successful Online Giving Campaign

The popularity of online fundraising was already on the rise before COVID; Blackbaud reports that online fundraising has grown 17% in the U.S. since 2016. Now COVID lockdowns have shattered fundraising expectations for nonprofits who rely heavily on special events, admissions, and fees for service to fill out their budgets. As a result, nonprofits are being challenged to quickly and effectively pivot fundraising efforts to the online space. Here are some of our best tips for success. 

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Fundraising - When to Seek Permission
Fundraising Regulation

Registering to Fundraise in Each State

A charity generally is required to register with their state in order to solicit charitable contributions if state law requires. Currently, there are 39 states and the District of Columbia that have such requirements.

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