Can Your Nonprofit Board Vote by Email?

Technology now offers businesses and boards many advantages, including the ability to meet via teleconference, video conference, or even conduct discussion and voting via electronic communications, such as email.  But while email is commonplace among many organizations for its ease of use, especially for busy and geographically diverse volunteers sitting on nonprofit boards, there are several reasons to think twice before using email for your next important nonprofit board vote. 

Conflicts of Interest and the Golden Age for Shenanigans

The first step to managing conflicts is the disclosure of conflicts. If decision-makers are not required to disclose their conflicts, then there is no way to ensure that their decisions are not tainted by self-interest. Even the most well-meaning individuals can have their decision-making clouded by competing interests. The only way to ensure conflicts are properly managed is to disclose those conflicts and recuse oneself from the decision-making process when conflicts arise.