Top Five Nonprofit Legal Risks

Too often, we see nonprofits signing contracts that are presented to them by vendors without appropriate legal review. Many vendors use form contracts that are extremely one sided in the vendor’s favor on the theory that many clients will sign whatever is given to them without scrutinizing the terms.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions: Top 10 Common Pitfalls for Employers

Sure, it takes a good deal more paperwork and money to maintain an employee versus using an independent contractor. But it’s more than worth it to make sure you are properly categorizing an employee. “Independent Contractor” does not have a finite definition under the law. Certain liabilities also don’t apply to independent contractors, such as worker’s compensation, FMLA, paid family leave benefits, unemployment insurance, and other various potential benefits. So, it can be tempting to try to wedge a person into an independent contractor position when they actually should be classified as an employee.

Now is the Time to Review Worker Classification

The IRS has announced a new relief program for employers that choose to come forward before they are audited by the IRS. This relief comes in the form of a voluntary program that permits employers to reclassify their workers and avoid being audited on payroll taxes related to misclassified workers for prior years. The program is known as the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (“Settlement Program”).