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Self-Declared Exempt Organizations – A Guide to Ensure IRS Compliance

In its 2012 workplan, the IRS announced it will be paying closer attention to self-declared 501(c)(4), (c)(5) and (c)(6) organizations. These groups include social welfare organizations; labor, agricultural and horticultural groups; as well as business leagues and chambers of commerce. Such organizations consider themselves to be tax-exempt because of the nature of their activities, butContinue Reading

Nonprofit Lobbying – Don’t forget to Register

Tax-exempt organizations (other than private foundations) have the ability to influence legislation either as an insubstantial part of their activities or by making the 501(h) election and measuring their lobbying expenditures. However, state and federal laws often require principals and their lobbyists to register prior to engaging in lobbying and file expenditure reports. In Arizona,Continue Reading

Nonprofit Law Urban Legends

I recently contacted Gene Takagi, a noted California nonprofit lawyer, to confirm or deny an assertion regarding California nonprofit law that was made to one of our clients. He was kind enough to clarify the matter. We discussed that there are many such “nonprofit law urban legends” and he suggested that would be a good topicContinue Reading