CharityLawyer Blog is published by Ellis Carter, the founder of Caritas Law Group (formerly, Carter Law Group), a law firm with offices in Tempe, Arizona. At Caritas Law Group, we believe in sharing our knowledge of nonprofit law with the sector and we have found that blogging is a great way to do that.

Our firm exclusively represents tax-exempt, non-profit, and mission-based businesses, as well as major donors and companies engaged in cause marketing. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Arizona and Washington and represent clients with regard to federal tax matters nationwide. You can read more about the firm at caritaslawgroup.com.

Please note that we post general legal information which should not be taken as specific legal advice. Further, we receive many comments on our blog requesting specific legal advice which we generally will not respond to as responding to such questions creates potential liability for the firm. To schedule a consultation please contact [email protected] or call us at 602-456-0071.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. If you have suggestions for topics or other ideas on how to improve the site, I would love to hear from you. Use the contact form to send me your thoughts.

Thank you for reading CharityLawyer!


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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

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