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Nonprofit Consent Agendas

What is a Consent Agenda?

A consent agenda is a practice of bundling routine matters into one board vote to free up a nonprofit board’s meeting time to focus on

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Amending Contracts
Contracts, Waivers, and Releases

Amending Contracts

Whether due to changes or unforeseen circumstances, nonprofits amending contracts must take care to comply with the terms of the agreement and applicable law. The term

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voting members

The Trouble with Voting Members

Many nonprofits, especially older nonprofits, have voting members that retain the power to elect board members. For some groups – like golf clubs and trade associations

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Why Start a Private Foundation
Starting a nonprofit

Why Start a Private Foundation?

With the popularity and ease of donor advised funds, why do some donors still choose to start a private foundation to conduct their charitable giving?

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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

It always starts with an idea: you want to solve a problem in your community, conduct research into a disease, or raise awareness of an important issue.
As the solution unfolds, you realize you need to raise funds to turn that dream into a reality. At this point, many visionaries jump to filing for tax-exempt status.
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