Arizona Charter School Law

The Arizona State Legislature passed the Charter School Law in 1994, effective September 16th of that year. Below you will see the various topical headings that will guide you to the current law. The Law is the blueprint by which all charter schools operate regardless of sponsorship.

15-181Charter schools; purpose; scope
15-182State board for charter schools; membership; terms; compensation; duties
15-183Charter schools; application; requirements; immunity; exemptions; renewal of application; reprisal; fee; funds
15-183.01New charter application processing fund
15-184Charter schools; admission requirements
15-185Charter schools; financing; civil penalty; transportation; definitions
15-187Charter schools; teachers; employment benefits
15-187.01Optional inclusion of charter school employees in state health and accident coverage; payment of premiums; advance notice; minimum period of participation; definition
15-188Charter schools stimulus fund
15-189Charter schools; vacant buildings; list; used equipment
15-189.01Charter schools; zoning; development fees
15-189.02Charter schools; public bidding requirements
15-189.03Academic credits; transfer