Charitable Remainder Trust
Grantmaking and Gift Planning

Charitable Remainder Trusts 101

Table of Contents What is a Charitable Remainder Trust? The Charitable Remainder Trust (“CRT”) is a trust set up to generate revenue for a beneficiary

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Directors vs. Trustees

Directors vs. Trustees of a Nonprofit

The group of individuals charged with the governance of nonprofits are often referred to interchangeably as directors or trustees. These terms are similar in that they both refer to the group of individuals who have a fiduciary duty to oversee the nonprofit organization. However, from a legal perspective, there are important distinctions.

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Nonprofit Corporate Secretary

The Role of Corporate Secretary

In a nonprofit corporation, the duties of the Secretary are crucial to the smooth functioning of the organization. The role of the Secretary is vital

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Transaction Privilege Tax
Starting a nonprofit

Antitrust for Nonprofits

The Supreme Court, as recently as 2021, in NCAA v. Alston, has made clear that not-for-profit organizations are subject to antitrust laws the same as

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Animal Organizations
Starting a nonprofit

Zoos and Animal Organizations

Many people will visit a zoo, aquarium, circus, or other wildlife organization (“Animal Organizations”) at some point in their life. Major Animal Organizations throughout the

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Nonprofit Affiliations
Nonprofit Mergers, Acquisitions, and Affiliations

Nonprofit Affiliation

Nonprofit affiliation should always be considered before a decision to dissolve. Nonprofits considering dissolution are thinking creatively and working to survive some of the toughest

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is it time for a legal audit?
Contracts, Waivers, and Releases

Is It Time for a Legal Audit?

A legal audit is an overview of an organization’s non-financial compliance, governance and risk management issues. Organizations typically consider a legal audit when new management takes over and wants to ensure they are starting with a clean slate or the in the wake of a costly mistake.

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Who Investigates Non Profit Organizations?
Fundraising Regulation

Who Investigates Non-Profit Organizations?

So who investigates non-profit organizations? Unlike for-profit organizations where the management is the responsibility of the owners of the corporation, the responsibility to investigate, audit,

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Six Moves Great Board Chairs Make

Smart Moves Great Board Chairs Make

3. Think Big. Boards without great leadership can get bogged down in the minutia. The minutia include the compliance and oversight responsibilities of the board. While it’s important to do these things well, it’s not the organization’s raison d’être. Great board chairs help steer the board clear of this phenomenon by keeping the board focused on their vision of the impact the board wants to make on the community the organization serves. Great board chairs understand that focusing on the organization’s breakthrough goals rather than busywork keeps the board energized and engaged.

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