Giving Tuesday
Grantmaking and Gift Planning

Get Ready for Giving Tuesday

What is Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is celebrated the week after Thanksgiving and has become a time for Americans to share their good fortune by

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Unanimous Written Consent

Voting by Unanimous Written Consent

Occasionally, urgent board action is required yet it is not possible or practical to have the board meet in person or even over the telephone. In these cases, most states permit the board members to conduct official business by signing a unanimous written consent.

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Taking Over an Existing Nonprofit
Starting a nonprofit

Taking Over An Existing Nonprofit

Often prospective clients call us wanting to know whether we know of any dormant nonprofits that are going out of business that they could take over. The idea is that taking over an existing entity avoids the hassle and expense of incorporation, creating a governance structure and obtaining tax-exempt status for a brand new entity. Presumably, a new board of directors would be substituted in place of the old board and new officers would be elected.

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Charitable Gambling in Arizona
Fundraising Regulation

Charitable Gambling in Arizona

Charitable Gambling in Arizona is a popular fundraising tool. However, charitable gaming in Arizona can easily violate Arizona’s gaming laws. Nonprofit organizations can raise money

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Nonprofit Consent Agendas

What is a Consent Agenda?

A consent agenda is a practice of bundling routine matters into one board vote to free up a nonprofit board’s meeting time to focus on

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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

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