2021 IRS Compliance Priorities for Tax Exempt Organizations

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the IRS releases guidance on its compliance priorities for tax-exempt and government entities (TE/GE) and explains how those priorities align with the agency’s strategic goals.  This year, the IRS has streamlined its usual annual long letter approach into a short two-page letter and promised to provide quarterly updates on its compliance priorities; an effort to more accurately reflect the fluid nature of IRS operations and shifting compliance priorities throughout the year.

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DIY Nonprofit Law
Starting a nonprofit

DIY Nonprofit Law – Top Five Mistakes

The state form does not include the tax provisions that the IRS requires tax-exempt organizations to have. Would be founders that file using the state’s form Articles of Incorporation without including an attachment with the appropriate tax provisions will end up with a taxable nonprofit – a result almost no one intends.

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diversion of assets
Nonprofit Tax

Reporting Diversions of Nonprofit Assets

The Washington Post has identified over 1,000 nonprofit organizations that have reported a significant diversion of assets. Its important to note that there are over 1,616,000 tax-exempt nonprofits in the U.S. today; thus, these filings represent less than 1% of tax-exempt nonprofits. It’s also interesting to note that a quick review of Arizona’s list includes only 21 organizations – most of which reported the diversions in a clear, transparent, and confidence inspiring manner.

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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

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