Annual Report Email Reminders from the Arizona Corporation Commission

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Just released this month, the Arizona Corporation Commission now offers annual report email reminders for entities incorporated in Arizona; all you have to do is sign up!

All corporations, including nonprofits, incorporated in Arizona must file annual reports with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Due dates are a predictable one year from the date of incorporation; however, with the many things nonprofits must juggle, these due dates can sometimes slip past our client’s attention. The ACC had made it their policy to not mail or otherwise provide reminders, but now you may opt into their email reminder service and the ACC will send reminders ninety, sixty, thirty, and fifteen days prior to the corporation’s annual report due date.  The ACC’s memo announcing this option can be found here. Steps for this convenient service are below, but tip of the hat to the ACC for making this an option. Redundancies are rarely a bad idea – go subscribe!

Steps to Sign Up for an Annual Report Email Reminder from the Arizona Corporation Commission

1. Go to the ACC’s “Search for an Entity” web page

2. Enter your entities name and click “search”

3. From the results, select your entity

4. Click the “Subscribe to Annual Report Email Reminder” [You should see eye-popping visual effects next to this flashy new option]

5. Enter your email address and follow the ACC’s directions