Announcement – Ohio Law Change

Announcement - Ohio Law Change

Announcement - Ohio Law ChangeOhio law change – Senate Bill 227 has been signed into law and impacts all charitable organizations (domestic and foreign) registered to solicit under Ohio Revised Code section 1716.02.  Effective April 6, 2017, all annual reports with a due date of April 17, 2017, and after may be subject to a $200 late fee if they are not filed in a timely manner. Registration is considered complete when the Annual Report and filing fee, if applicable, has been submitted to the Ohio Attorney General. Any charitable organization that fails to pay the required fee at the time that it is due, shall pay an additional fee of two hundred dollars ($200).  However, the attorney general may waive the late fee if the reason the charitable organization failed to pay the fee timely was beyond the control of the charitable organization

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