Fingerprinting for Nonprofit Volunteer Background Checks

background checks for nonprofit volunteers

A nonprofit can never be too careful when screening its employees and volunteers. As such, more are conducting due diligence on their employees and volunteers. This is particularly true for those who serve vulnerable populations like children, the elderly, or abuse victims. Part of that diligence is conducting background checks for nonprofit volunteers via fingerprint.

If your organization is considering adding this step to its due diligence, do you know where to go for fingerprint background checks?

Options for Background Checks for Nonprofit Volunteers via Fingerprint

Police Departments or Sheriff’s Offices

Many Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices perform fingerprint background checks, which they run these through the FBI database. Not all Police and Sheriff Departments provide this service, so we recommend that you call to confirm before showing up.

Additionally, some require individuals to come in with their own fingerprint card, then the department will roll (take) the fingerprints. (You can often purchase these from large retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Search for fingerprint cards FD-258.) We recommend you confirm such information along with the dates and times of service and whether you require an appointment for this.

Private Companies

There are a variety of private companies that perform background checks for volunteers. They then run these checks are through the FBI database. Run an internet search for fingerprinting services near me and you should receive multiple options.

Other State Agencies

Some states have laws that designate a certain agency to perform fingerprint background checks. For example, in Arizona, the Department of Public Safety will perform fingerprint background check services for state agencies and, as required by the Arizona Revised Statutes, for nonprofits contracting with state agencies. Check the laws of your state to see if the services your nonprofit provides require it to go to a specific state agency for fingerprint background check services.

Pricing for fingerprint background check services can vary depending on where you go but typically run between $6 to $20. You may also be required to establish an account with the location you choose, so bear this in mind.

Along with attending to the immediate needs of those your nonprofit serves, protecting their safety is just as important. There are several different options to fit your needs when it comes to fingerprinting services so that you can ensure those you seek to help are taken care of in more ways than one.

 Yvonne Moss, a nonprofit lawyer with Caritas Law Group, PC., authored this post. To contact Yvonne, call 602-456-0071 or email us at [email protected].

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