Fundraising Regulation

Foreign Agent Registration
International Operations and Grants

Foreign Agents Registration Act

FARA defines “foreign principal” broadly to include any, government, political party, association, corporation, or other organization that was either established under a foreign country’s laws or maintains its principal place of business in a foreign country; and any individual outside of the United States. An “agent” is an individual or entity that acts within the United States at the direction of either a foreign principal or a person whose activities are supervised or directed by a foreign principal.

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Fundraising Regulation

Cryptocurrency Donations for Nonprofits

Cryptocurrency is emerging as a mainstream form of currency, which opens the door to new fundraising opportunities for nonprofits. Some organizations have already begun accepting donations in

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What is an Endowment
Grantmaking and Gift Planning

What is an Endowment?

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th ed., defines an endowment as: A gift of money or property to an institution (such as a university) for a specific

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Permanent Endowment = Infinity and Beyond

Most non-profits understand that if a fund is a permanent endowment, the principal must be preserved in perpetuity. Still, in my practice I am often surprised by how little some fundraising professionals understand about the mechanics of gift restrictions – particularly the implications of permanent restrictions and legal meaning of the term endowment.

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