7 thoughts on “L3C What’s All the Excitement About?

  1. SB 1503 in Arizona has been proposed as the Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) statute. All who are interested should support this bill.

  2. Hi ellis,

    Im writting a paper for my business and society class on the L3C , focusing on how the L3C is taxed. I have found a lot of contradicting information on whether or not the IRS is considering the L3C a PRI. Is it or isn’t it?


  3. Hi Ellis- I’m guessing that this L3C structure is not yet an option in Arizona, is that right? Just curious.


    1. No, there is no L3C statute in Arizona, but you can form an L3C in another state and qualify it to do business as a foreign entity in Arizona.

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