Best of CharityLawyer 2014

many small light bulbs equal big oneAt the end of each year we like to look back at our most popular posts to evaluate what our readers are finding most interesting and useful on the blog. What follows is a list of CharityLawyer’s Top 10 posts for 2014 measured by page views:

  1. IRS Introduces Form 1023-EZ
  2. New 1023 Simplifies Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status
  3. Managing Donor Restricted Gifts
  4. 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join a Nonprofit Board
  5. IRS Announces Streamlined Procedures to Reinstate Tax-exempt Status
  6. Nonprofit Law Jargon Buster – What is a Quorum
  7. Form 1023-EZ Traps for the Unwary
  8. To Pay or Not to Pay – Compensating Nonprofit Executives
  9. Corporate Structure – One Size Does Not Fit All
  10. Choice of Domicile for Nonprofit Corporations

If you have comments or suggestions of topics you would like to see covered in the blog please sound off in the comments!

Ellis Carter is a nonprofit attorney licensed to practice in Washington and Arizona. Ellis advises tax-exempt clients on federal tax matters nationwide. Ellis can be reached through her firm at or at 602-456-0071.