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Starting a Nonprofit in Arizona | Charity Lawyer BlogStarting a nonprofit always starts with an idea: an idea of how to solve a problem in the community, conduct research into a disease, or raise awareness of an important issue.

As your imagination and creative problem-solving skills take hold, you're overflowing with ideas for how to drive change.

At some point, you realize you're going to need to raise funds to make it happen. And this is when many visionaries jump into forming a non-profit corporate entity and filing for tax-exempt status.

But wait! Before you jump into the paperwork, there are some key decisions you need to make that will help your non-profit be more successful in the long run. We've set up hundreds of non-profits over the years. Some of them have been wildly successful; others have failed. We created these posts based on what we've learned in the process.

Below are links to our posts about starting a nonprofit organization in Arizona, but the process is similar in other states as well. The articles talk about laying the groundwork, forming the entity, applying for tax-exempt status, bylaws, and other important information for those looking to start a nonprofit in Arizona or anywhere in the United States.


Ellis Carter is a nonprofit lawyer with Caritas Law Group. Carter Law Group helps nonprofit founders realize their dreams nationwide.  If you are seeking legal advice, contact or 602-456-0071 for information about our services.

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