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This page includes some of the most popular posts from the CharityLawyer blog based on the number of links, comments and retweets. The list will evolve with time. The posts will include discussions on issues, new developments, and updates about the laws impacting nonprofit organizations, including charities, cooperatives, and political activities.

Top 10 Board Governance Mistakes

Top 15 Nonprofit Governance Mistakes

Fiduciary Duties of Nonprofit Board Members

Fiduciary Responsibility of Nonprofit Boards

term limits

Advantages and Disadvantages of Term Limits

What’s New for Nonprofits in 2020

Donations Prior to Exemption

Donations Benefiting Individuals

Nonprofit Endowments

What You Need to Know About Endowment Restrictions

Nonprofits Moving to a New State

Moving a Nonprofit to Another State

nonprofit chapters and affiliates

Creating Nonprofit Chapters and Affiliates

voting members y email

Can Your Nonprofit Board Vote by Email?

Donations prior to exemptions

Accepting Donations Prior to Exemption

Nonprofit Fundamentals

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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

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